click pdf CARE LEAVERS | One Problem Among Many: Drug use among care leavers in transition to independent living, Home Office Research, February 2003 By In Health -- substance abuse 3 downloads

follow url This 12-month Home Office Research Study was carried out in collaboration with the University of London. It examined young care leavers’ patterns of drug use as they moved from care to live independently. default Substance use among young people living in residential state care, P McCrystal, 2008 By In Health -- substance abuse 8 downloads

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binäre option sozialnetwork CCIP 08 ABSTRACT Substance Use among Young People Living in Residential State Care APR 08.pdf This paper reports on substance use trends of young people living in residential state care during three annual data-sweeps when aged 14, 15 and 16 years. A repeated cross-sectional research design was utilised in the research.

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