This section contains documents relating to advocacy, legislation and regulations, and the Children (NI) Order 1995. Within the follow url Advocacy section you will find documents relating to Advice, Advocacy Services, Complaints, Guardian Ad Litem, Independent Advocacy, Independent Reviewing Officers, and Independent Visitors. All documents in the Legislation and Regulations section are specific to Northern Ireland. 

follow In the  auto punizioni binarie com Children (NI) Order 1995 section you will find Volumes 1-8 Guidance and Regulations and other relevant documents.  

Documents document Alternative Care and Children’s Rights in Northern Ireland ABSTRACT, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, August 2015 By 4 downloads This abstract provides details of a report which covers the rights of children in Northern Ireland who cannot be cared for within their own family. The report identifies a number of areas for improvement, including practice of moving children, delay in N.I adoption process,the right of the child to be heard and taken seriously and concerns over criminalisation of young people in residential care. WE USE COOKIES TO ENSURE THAT WE GIVE YOU THE BEST EXPERIENCE ON OUR WEBSITE.