follow link pdf CHILDREN'S HOMES | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 02/12 The Children's Homes (Amendment) Regulations (NI) 2012, 1 June 2012

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On 3 May 2012, The Children's Homes (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 (The Children's Homes Amendment Regulations) were made and will come into operation form 1 June 2012.  This Circular outlines the changes made by these Regulations.' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '0'='0 pdf DELEGATED AUTHORITY | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 01/10 Delegated authority to foster carers, February 2010

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 10 Circular Guidance on delegated authority to foster carers in NI FEB 10.pdf

One of the proposals within Care Matters in Northern Ireland - A Bridge to a Better Future was that 'Approved foster carers should have more autonomy in relation to the everyday decisions about the children in their care.' This circular sets out guidance that Trusts are required to follow in considering delegation of authority to foster carers.

source pdf JUNIOR ISAs | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 01/12 Junior ISAs for Looked After Children, April 2012

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 12 Junior ISA for looked after children 2 Apr 12.pdf

In November 2011 the UK Government announced a scheme to open Junior ISA accounts, with an initial payment of £200, for children across the UK who have been in care for 12 consecutive months and who do not have a Child Trust Fund. This guidance sets out the actions that each Health and Social Care Trust will need to follow to ensure that every eligible child receives a Junior Individual Savings Account.

source url document OVERNIGHT STAYS | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 02/2009 Delegation of decisions on overnight stays for looked after children, July 2009

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 09 Circular Delegation of decisions on overnight stays for looked after children JUL 09.doc

This Circular replaces guidance issued by the DHSSPSNI Child Care Policy Directorate on 8 June 2004 under cover of a letter signed by Brenda Conlon entitled Local Authority Circular LAC (2004) 4. pdf PEPs | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 2/2011 Personal Education Plans for Looked After Children, December 2011

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 11 Circular Personal Education Plans for Looked After Children DEC 11.pdf

Health and Social Care Trusts and the Health and Social Care Board have a duty to promote the welfare of children in their care under Article 26 of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995. This includes their educational achievement and therefore they must ensure that all children in care have an effective and robust Personal Educational Plan (PEP) in place to ensure focused planning and personal support to each child.

best books on binary options trading pdf PRIVATE FOSTERING | DHSSPSNI Circular CCPD 1/11 Children Living with carers in private fostering arrangements including children from overseas, 25 March 2011

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 11 Circular Children Living with carers in private fostering arrangements, 25 Mar 11.pdf

A private fostering situation is an arrangement whereby an adult, who is not a relative of the child, cares for a child under the age of 16 years (or in the case of a disabled child, under 18 years) for more than 28 days.  Under the Children Order a relative in relation to a child is defined as 'a grandparent, brother, sister, uncle or aunt (whether of the full blood or half blood or by affinity) or step-parent.'



kennenlernen fehler document SUPPORTED LODGINGS | DHSSPSNI Circular FCPD 01/2016 Minimum Standards for Supported Lodgings for young people and young adults (aged 16 - 21) in Northern Ireland, 10 March 2016

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DHSSPSNI-CCPD 16 Circular Min Stands Supported Lodgings 10 Mar 16.docx

The purpose of this circular is to highlight the publication of the Minimum Standards for Supported Lodgings. The Standards apply to HSCTs and other agencies commissioned by Trusts to assist them in delivering a supported lodgings service.